Friday, July 24, 2009

14 days until... Sweden!

Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Sweden (in no particular order):

- Normal-sized people (not feeling like a giant in midget country)
- Cami's Swedish countryside wedding
- Seafood (like from an actual body of water!)
- Long Showers
- Feeling clean
- Friends from America
- Pedicures
- Not speaking Russian
- Attractive people (no more gold teeth, please)
- The Beach!
- Beer that isn't Kazakh or Russian (AKA - delicious)
- Shopping (somewhere other than the local market)
- Running water
- Celebrating ONE YEAR (in a place where I can actually enjoy myself)
- Conversations with Cami
- No 20+ hour train rides
- A nightlife that doesn't involve creepy Kazakh men

The list is really pretty endless, but I've got to stop somewhere... 

...14 days!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I finally gave up trying to find a photo website that could handle Kazakhstan's internet speed. Looks like Facebook is going to be the best option for awhile. I've uploaded a handful of albums to Facebook.

Check them out.

If you don't have access to Facebook, I can always email the links to the albums, but didn't want to bombard anyone unnecessarily with emails. Just let me know.